Traditional Wooden Tableware Tie Wire Wooden Spoon


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Production name: Phoebe tying wire bent spoon

Unit: Branch

Approximate size: 17.5*4CM

Weight: 10G

Material: wood

Packing: OPP

Performance description: honey mixing spoon, coffee spoon

Made of logs, the surface texture is delicate, the body is light and the quality is solid, and it can also give the table a natural and fresh atmosphere. The shape is simple and plain, the color is natural and elegant, exuding the taste of time.

1. Made of nanmu material, polished and polished, with meticulous workmanship, smooth and flat, smooth lines of the spoon, elegant shape and good hand feeling.

2. Phoebe wood material, flat and easy to use, hard texture, light and handy, fine and natural wood grain.

3. The design of the rope tied to the root of the spoon adds a bit of interest. In fact, a little change in your life will bring you rare joy and happiness.

4. Environmental protection and health, take you back to natural life.

5. It is very suitable for children to eat, and it is more hygienic than plastic spoons.

6. Use it for meals, snacks after meals and afternoon tea.









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Brown1pc, Brown3pcs

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Traditional Wooden Tableware Tie Wire Wooden Spoon


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