Well designed graphical Household Japanese tableware


  • 1style
  • 2style
  • 3style
  • 4style
  • Annual ring 3.8inch
  • Annual ring 6.75inch
  • Annual ring 8inch
  • Brown 3.8inch
  • Brown 6.75inch
  • Brown 8inch
  • Crack 3.8inch
  • Crack 6.75inch
  • Crack 8inch
  • Line 3.8inch
  • Line 6.75inch
  • Line 8inch

Product category: bowl

Material: more than 45 percent bone meal bone china

pattern: plain

Shape: round

Material: Ceramic

The exquisite underglaze color craftsmanship, the glaze texture is clearly visible, the natural and elegant colors, and the rich flavor, show the calm and elegance of Japanese American ware. The solid texture and rustic color have a solid sense of solidity. The device types are diverse and practical to meet your different needs.

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Additional information

Weight 0.06 lbs
Dimensions 130 × 230 × 40 in

1style, 2style, 3style, 4style, Annual ring 3.8inch, Annual ring 6.75inch, Annual ring 8inch, Brown 3.8inch, Brown 6.75inch, Brown 8inch, Crack 3.8inch, Crack 6.75inch, Crack 8inch, Line 3.8inch, Line 6.75inch, Line 8inch

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Well designed graphical Household Japanese tableware


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